Sunday, 1 April 2012

What's In My Make Up Bag - Part 1 'FACE'

I love reading post's and watching youtube videos of 'Whats In My Bag' and 'Room Tour' maybe it's because i loooove seeing what other people have got, how they store things, what they like to use daily etc... Also its bloglovetherapy weekly blog hop.
So i thought i would do a What's In My Make Up Bag post this it just the stuff i use most often.
(be warned it's gonna be a long one and there are quite a few pictures)

To start here is my make up bag

 I got it a couple of years ago full of soap and glory goodies, now what's inside

I'm going to do a post for each category so first up is:


So L-R
17 Miracle Matt Foundation - Porcelain
Collection 2000 Perfect Finish Foundation - Vanilla
17 Pressed Powder - Nicely Natural
Avon Bronzer - Shimmering Bronze
Eye Primers I Made
Soap And Glory Kick Ass Concealer - Light
Cheap version of bourjois blush (no idea of the make)
MUA blush - Shade 1
Avon Highlighter that looks like a lipstick

Top: Collection 2000 Perfect Finish
Bottom: 17 Miracle Matt
I have just bought the collection 2000 foundation in the shade vanilla, it's a little dark for my skin even though it's the lightest they do but i really like it and my stippling brush work's brilliant with it i think it's because the product is thinner than the 17 one it's wearable if i blend it really well and feels like i don't even have it on. 17 Miracle Matt is a perfect match for me it's in the shade porcelain  but with the weather getting warmer i found it was a bit too heavy which is sad because i love this sooooo much.
17 Pressed Powder
This is my favourite powder and i only need a light dusting of it, i got in shade nicely natural. Previously i was using an Avon one then a while ago 17 had a 3 for 2 offer on so i picked it up and i love it, i hate it when a powder gives you that cakey/powdery look but this seems to just disappear into my skin.
Avon Bronzer
This is the only bronzer i have ever used as I'm so pale i apply the smallest amount of product so this has lasted me forever
Eyeshadow Primers
I made these using Soap and Glory Righteous Butter and MUA foundation
Left: I made this one the other day as i wanted to try a different ratio out it it half of each product.
Right: This is the one i use everyday the ratio is 3/4 S&G and 1/4 MUA.
They work just as well as the more expensive brands but for a fraction of the price.
Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer
I love this concealer it is the best one i have tried so far i have yet to try the collection 2000 one but will deffo be getting it when i find my shade in stock.
It has 2 shades a lighter softer 1 on the left which is for under eye dark patches and the slightly darker harder 1 on the right which is for blemishes then you can flip the mirror down and there is a setting powder.

Cheap version of bourjois

This is a lovely medium pink, i got this from a market stall while i was at collage yes that was a long time ago but i can't seem to give it up i love it too much. It came domed but that has long gone.

MUA Blusher in shade 1

I got this to replace the 1 above, it's a really nice colour and so pigmented it's a lighter pink than the other one and yes i accidentally took a chunk out of it Oooops. I have been using this nearly every day since i got it and it may possibly have taken top spot over in my blusher collection.

Avon highlighter

I use this to highlight under my brow, it has a really nice gold shimmer to it, i don't use this all the time as i tend to switch up the products i use to highlight quite allot, again i got this some time ago so have no idea if they still stock it.

Well that's it for the FACE part of my make up bag

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The next category will be EYES



  1. I love this and cant wait to read the rest! Ive tried the collection 2000 concealer and for me it wasnt that good :( I was really disappointed!


    1. i think it will be the same for me as i realy struggle to find a concealer that works for me but it's only cheap so i need to try it.


  2. id love to have the naked2 palette! Also i love the real techniques stippling brush i use it almost every day!
    love your post :) xx

    1. i got it for valantines day lol it was the only thing i wanted