Saturday, 31 March 2012

NOTD 'gold croc'

I was so excited to try out the Barry M croc effects, it took me a couple of attempts to get it right if you apply it too thick it doesn't crack right i ended up using the hairdryer to speed it up.

I love how it looks although i would say it was more of a mosaic effect than a croc one.

Here's what i used
'sorry for the poor quality picture'

Barry M croc effects 
 Avon Nailware Pro in 'gleaming gold'

I love Avon nail polish its so easy to apply and cheap.
 Do you have the croc effects and did you have any problems getting used to applying it.



  1. This has been down on my 'wishlist' a while now defiantly about time I went out and bought it lol it looks lovely on your nails :)


    1. Thank you, i realy like it, like i said it took a bit of time playing with it to get the effect right