Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash & Facial Scrub

Tea tree Foaming Face Wash

I baught this last week from poundland now some of you may be thinking it's not a major brand so it's rubish but let me tell you that it's AMAZING!!!! previously i was using clean and clear ultra overnight wash which made my skin so dry so i was on the look out for a cheap cleanser that works and i think i have found the right one for me and at £1 you carnt go wrong.
It leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean, i dont get dry patches with it or it dosent make me oily and it has a lovley fresh smell to it but as some of you may know with poundland they dont continously stock the same products so I'm going to go get another when i get chance.

Tea Tree Facial Scrub

This 'scrub' doesn't feel like any other i have tried it's not foaming it feels like a moisturiser with tiny exfoliating balls in so when i first used it i was a little surprised. When applying the scrub after feeling the texture i automatically went to rub it in like a moisturiser it seemed odd to rinse it off but i did and is left my skin feeling lovely and again like the foam it didn't dry out my skin or leave it oily.
This one smells slightly different it has a limeish scent to it but overall definitely worth £1.

I think everyone should go to their nearest poundland and see what bargains they can find
Have you found anything interesting in a poundland recently??
 please comment and let me know
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  1. hey i brought both of these products today in home bargains. i got them for 89p each and agree that they are amazing. i will deffinatly be popping back in and stocking up as is such a great price :)

  2. I had been looking for some more information on this range of products, I bought Face Scrub, Shampoo, Conditioner, all of the same brand from Lidl at £0.99 I hope it works for me.