Saturday, 10 March 2012

My Soap And Glory experience

 I have been in love with Soap and Glory for quite some time my first 'experience' was 3 years ago when i got bought a gift set at Christmas
This is the first set i had

Inside the case were all travel sized products which were :
Clean on me (shower gel),
Calm one Calm all (bubble bath),
The Righteous butter (body butter),
Flake away (body scrub),
Flirtingo (moisturising spray)

Straight away the smell got me hooked its sweet and girly everything i like i loved everything apart from flake away as it seemed to leave a film on my skin. Then i kind of forgot about Soap & Glory for a while until one Christmas they had the large hat box on offer, i tried to get one and everywhere had sold out so yet again i had forgotten about S&G then it came to Christmas 2011 and i managed to get hold of the big splendour set.

 I was so excited to get it home and open it, all the products were full size which i loved and when i had a bath that night i used EVERYTHING the product that really stood out for me was Pulp Friction (foaming body scrub), this didn't have the same scent as the others it was fruity and refreshing and most of all it had so much of the 'scrub' crammed into it, it really made my skin feel clean and so soft the only tiny down side to it was that all the bits sunk to the bottom of the bath so it was a bit of a pain to rinse it all down the plug every night but as the product is so great i couldn't resist using it all the time so i kind of got used to cleaning all the bits out it was definitely worth it.

So now I'm going to try and buy something new from them as often as i can to build my collection.
Whats your best and worse product from S&G?
please comment and let me know


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