Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mascara Review : Week 3 : Collection 2000 Skyscraper Length andDefinition

I picked this mascara up in the pound shop and at first I thought it would be similar to Maybeline stiletto mascara but it's completely different the packaging may be the same but everything else is not.

The wand is plastic with short bristles on the bottom and sides and longer comb like bristles on the top

So hear are the pros and cons


The brush Is amazing the comb side separates your lashes and the shorter side gets really close to the lash line

Not messy

Really quick to get the desired effect


Not dark enough

Doesn't give brilliant length.

Now this mascara for me is best used in conjunction with a volumising mascara for the best results.

I have used this mascara with most mascaras I own and it is brilliant for combing through lashes that have gone clumpy as it separates the lashes and removes any extra product.

When used on its own it gives a very natural look to your lashes now for me I like my lashes to look a bit more dramatic but every now and then when I want to wear minimal make up or when I'm in a rush this is perfect.
Im really glad I picked this mascara up I have used it every day in my opinion the actual mascara formula isn't anything special its the wand that makes this such an amazing product
whats your favourite defining mascara??

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