Friday, 8 June 2012

Benefit Event in LEEDS

Before i start most of the pictures are in no particular order apart from the product swatches.

When i first heard that benefit were hosting an event in Leeds i was so excited because as you all may know there is never any thing up north for us bbloggers so i got my invite and juggled around my plans for the day to make sure i could make it.

Everybody was so friendly and welcoming and we all found out some interesting facts about Benefit as a brand like:

The company started in San Fransisco in 1976.

Their products have been available in the UK about 16-17 years.

The first boutique was actually called Face Place.

Benetint was originally made for exotic dancers to make their nipples more vissable through their dancing dresses.

POREfessional is the uk's NO.1 best selling primer.

They give you a 28 day money back garantee if you are not happy with the product.

I love finding out about a company's history its really nice to see how a brand started and how far it has come.

!!!!New product Alert!!!!!

These are Benefits new powder gloss lipglosses they are kind of like the box powders sister from another mister, there is one to go with every box powder here are a few swatches i did of the glosses

sorry if the lighting is a bit dark there wasn't much natural light in the bar

The top swatch                                            

These wonderful glosses are like nothing i have ever tried before the texture is like satin its so smooth almost like a lip balm and they are not sticky, the colours are really close if not identical to the box powders my personal favourites are sugarbomb and coralista.

They are available to buy from the 28th June and retail at £13.50

We also found out more about Benefits mascarathon

Basically its where lots of girlie's run from Edinburgh to London in a relay style marathon its all to raise money for a charity called Refuge, Refuge are a charity to help protect women and children against domestic violence. The race starts on the 15th June and finishes on 29th June they are hoping to raise £20,000+ so have a look on their website and if you can donate they are only asking for £1 per person or even better sign up to run, also at each of the locations there will be a female celeb running along with you and you will be followed by a giant mascara wand.

We also had a little presentation on how they treat their customers at the counter and the services they get.
They give every customer the 3 p's

which is like a mini facial

If a customer wanted to buy a box powder instead of applying the powder on top of her existing make up they remove all her make up and start from scratch not only will this make the customer feel wonderful it will also allow them to see how the products are applied she will also find out about other products that are been used on her.

We were all given a lovely goody bag on our way out which was so generous of them do do that for us.

I would like to say a big thank you to Michelle, Leanne and Adele for having me i had a brilliant afternoon and im already looking forward to any future northern events


PS: please tweet #mascarathonuk lets get it trending its for an amazing charity.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Primark Lip Stain Pen

Hiya ladies today's post is about a lip stain pen i picked up in primark a couple of days ago, im not a fan of lip stain pens because they never seem to last very long on my lips but this was only £1.50 so i fancied giving it a go.

The applicator is very fine at the tip which is perfect for getting precise lines which is a must for this product and im going to show you why.

This is a swatch of the lip stain just applied and then a picture after i have washed it off.

Just applied                           washed off

well as you can see it does stain the bloody stuff doesn't come off, i found this out the hard way i had applied this on my lips in the morning and it was still there the next evening it wouldn't budge so i was stuck with bright red lips for a couple of days i would put a picture up of it on my lips but i don't fancy looking like a clown and i say clown because if you make a mistake while applying it, it ain't coming off so your stuck with wobbly edges then you try and rub it off and it smudges onto the skin around your mouth (not a good look). It's such a shame because the application colour is a lovely deep red.

So primark although you have amused me with your lip STAIN pen i don't think i will be using it again anytime soon.


DecoDiamante phone case review

Hiya everyone today's post is a review on a phone case I was sent from DecoDiamante she asked me what I would like on it so just gave her a few ideas and left her to it. When it arrived I was so excited to see what she had created for me and I love it, it's so sparkly and pink. It came well protected wrapped in bubble wrap and the postage bag , inside were a little pack of diamantés just in case any fall off.

I have had this case on my phone over a week and a couple of the gems have fallen off which isn't major problem as i easily glued them back on again, i expected some to come off as i use my phone all the time, the last case I had from ebay all the bits started falling off straight away and within a week there were no diamantes left on it.

I love the fact that these cases are so affordable because there are some company's out there that charge silly amounts of money for theirs .

Now I'm going to give you some info about prices and designs

Prices for phones:

Just diamantés and pearls -£10- This can be plain or mixed colours or a letter.

Diamantés, pearls and bigger pieces like bows, hearts, flowers, mirror pieces, Hello Kitty, Barbie etc..... -£12-£16 Depending on if you want a couple of pieces or lots (she can get hold of almost anything)

She also has pre-made cases ready to be sent out and makes the custom cases for most phones too so just contact her and ask if she has or can make a case for your phone

The custom cases can take between 1-2 weeks depending on if she has to order any anything in and will let you know how long it will take to get to you before payment.

She is also happy to DecoDiamante anything else like iPods, photo frames, trinket boxes.... Or any thing else you can think of. Prices start from £4 plus p&p

She will happily post worldwide
Inside UK : £2.50
Outside UK : £4.00

I will leave all her links below

What ever you have in mind just ask her she will happily discuss anything with you.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to go and have a look at her profiles


Monday, 4 June 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

so i have received an award from the wonderful Natalie from natalievsbeauty. I love her blog I'm always reading it she also has a youtube channel so go and have a watch
Thank you Natalie for giving me this award xxxx

The rules for the Kreativ Blogger Award is simple.

- Post a link of your Kreativ Blogger Award post to the person who awarded you it.
- Share seven random facts about yourself.
- Pass it on to other bloggers.

So here are my 7 random facts:

I use sudocrem on my face EVERY night, it started as a weekend thing but my skin has been out of control for a couple of weeks so just trying to calm it down a bit.

I hate Liquorice (the black 1) always have and always will.

I bite my nails

I love Disney films

I'm quite shy with people i don't know

I hate how thin my hair is

I studied to be a hairdresser but quit 2 weeks before i qualified, It is one of my biggest  regrets :(

so there you have my 7 random facts

Now onto the bloggers that i want to give this award to:

Thanks for reading