Friday, 1 June 2012

Bloggers block :s

So here's the dealio I have had a mental block for about a week now my brain feels frazzled I have hardly slept due to the warm weather and the kids haven't slept so I have been super tired, I want to go and buy things but when I get to boots or wherever I just Can not decide what I want it's like I'm looking through the products not at them.

Starting from Monday I'm getting my act together and will start putting up regular posts again also next thursday I'm of to a benefit event so there will be a post on that with plenty of pictures I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone it should be great fun

So for now bye bye and I shall be back on Monday with a sparkly new post for you all



  1. I know how you feel,the warm weather is horrible to sleep in! I'll be taking quite a long break from blogger very soon due to exams,will miss it very much but it's so hard to study whie blog.Chat to you soon :)