Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Primark Lip Stain Pen

Hiya ladies today's post is about a lip stain pen i picked up in primark a couple of days ago, im not a fan of lip stain pens because they never seem to last very long on my lips but this was only £1.50 so i fancied giving it a go.

The applicator is very fine at the tip which is perfect for getting precise lines which is a must for this product and im going to show you why.

This is a swatch of the lip stain just applied and then a picture after i have washed it off.

Just applied                           washed off

well as you can see it does stain the bloody stuff doesn't come off, i found this out the hard way i had applied this on my lips in the morning and it was still there the next evening it wouldn't budge so i was stuck with bright red lips for a couple of days i would put a picture up of it on my lips but i don't fancy looking like a clown and i say clown because if you make a mistake while applying it, it ain't coming off so your stuck with wobbly edges then you try and rub it off and it smudges onto the skin around your mouth (not a good look). It's such a shame because the application colour is a lovely deep red.

So primark although you have amused me with your lip STAIN pen i don't think i will be using it again anytime soon.



  1. i tried it too as I thought the colours would be good for summer! Ended up looking like a 50's vamp lady and it has stayed for 2 days. Tried everything including nail varnish remover!! No luck!

  2. how do u gett it of im still in primary school and i cant get it of its 2 days before somere holidays so there even more awar what should i do

  3. I managed to scrub mine down to a faded more natural red after applying but it wasn't completely off a few days later, either way though I love the colour and staying power it has since I have so many lipsticks that come off easily, I find they work lovely as based for lipsticks :)

  4. I'm thinking about getting one of those but in a lighter colour x I've really been wanted these so I will give it a go and hopes up it will be fine x