Friday, 22 June 2012

Poundland individual false eyelashes

I have never used individual false lashes before only the strip ones which I don't really like how they feel on. I got these because I can apply them as light or heavy as I want and they are only £1.

The application itself was a lot easier than I first thought I used the same glue I use for the strip ones and I also use it to glue my extensions in, I love this glue it's flexible and strong but very easy to remove. I applied each individual lash with tweezers.

I hate it when I wear lashes and my eyelids feel heavy but these feel really light and they are versatile as you can make them as thick or thin as you like.

I wanted a fluttery lash with lots of volume and it's exactly what I got I love the finished look and they lasted all day, i will defiantly be repurchasing these again.



  1. These look AMAZING hun, they really do think im going to look in my pound land, who long do they last hun? x

    1. I just took them of with my make up before I went to bed I think if you got a stronger glue to keep them on whilst washing maybee a couple of days but there only £1 so I'm going to buy a couple of packs I used 2 rows if lashes for mine

  2. Hair bonding glue is not safe to use on your eyes and you are lucky you haven't gone blind from it.

    1. I have used the glue for eyelashes for 6 years now and never had a problem I only use a tiny amount and glue to my skin for me personally they are easier to remove than using the real glue as the hair glue rubs of skin and dosent make it sticky