Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Collection 2000 cream puff

I have been wanting one if these for ages and eventually got around to getting one, it took me a while to choose which colour i wanted but I'm really pleased with the one i got.

I decided to get the shade Fairy Cake 3 this is the brightest of the 4 colours and i love bright lips because i usually do my eye make up quite simple

I really like the texture its smooth and creamy and gives a matt finish, the only problem i found with it is that after been on my lips a while it looks cracked the product dries into the creases on my lips but it does last a long time.

After application

After been on my lips for 20 mins

I have also worn this with a gloss over the top and it looks so much brighter

It lasts a couple of hours so there is no need for re-application I'm definitely going to have to get the other colours.

It smells so yummy too kind of like candy floss mixed with popcorn

whats your favourite shade and do you find it looks cracked on your lips after a while?


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