Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Translucent Powder !!!!

Now when i think of Translucent Powder i imagine a really light face powder that has no colour to it, So why is it whenever i buy one or swatch one they look like this ?????
So whats the deal with these so called Translucent powders, doesn't translucent mean completely see through or have the make up industry just given it another meaning 
EG: Orange

I own a few 'Translucent' powders and some of them are awfully orange
(*cough* avon colour trend *cough*)
and others are more manageable like soap and glory setting powder that comes with their kick ass concealer.
I would love to find a perfect powder that suits my pale skin with out paying a tone of £££ for it
I have tried so many different ones throughout the years but so far the best ones i have found are:
 the setting powder in the kick ass concealer from soap and glory but I'm not going to pay £10 for the tiny product when i only want the powder its a bit silly.

 next is a new one i have been trying and that is the natural collection loose face powder in cool translucent this has a slight colour to it but doesn't make me look orange

The only powder that i have that isn't translucent i a 17 pressed powder which is in shade nicely neutral and that is fairly light but not light enough

So i have started using this
It is an MUA Matt Eyeshadow in shade 16 it is a super pale pink and works really well on my skin tone as i have a yellow undertone it balances it out rather than making my face more yellow/orange.

let me know if you have found a really light 'Translucent' powder i would love to try others and hopefully find a face powder that i enjoy using because i can't keep using an eyeshadow.


PS: one last thing soap and glory's setting powder might be good but their packaging is rubbish £10 is the most i have spent on a concealer EVER and the bloody thing broke on me its like the plastic around the hinge just crumbled away and now all 3 parts will not stay together they just mingle with all my other products on their own leaving a smear of concealer on everything .


  1. You could try E.L.F,Collection 2000 and NYC :) The only one I haven't tried was the C 2000 but I'm sure it's pretty decent like the rest of the products in the brand and cheap too :)


  2. i love the MUFE HD powder. just don't use it if you'll be in flash photography :) btw, I'm having a 100+ Follower Urban Decay Giveaway! May 23rd is the last day to enter, so I hope you enter :)

  3. Try ELF or Lily Lolo powder.