Friday, 21 December 2012

Benefit There Real Mascara Update

When i first bought this mascara i liked it but i was still on the look out for some thing better and guess what it never came, after a rocky start to my relasionship with benefits there real mascara it gradualy became serious i was in love

 the thing that i was a little unsure about at first was how wet the formula was it made quite a mess on every application but i liked what it did to my lashes.

 the more i used it the more i fell in love and as the mascara dried out it became less messy and I felt like I had control over how much product was being applied to my lashes it had stoped them looking clumpy and every time i tried another mascara it just didn't do it for me this has to be my favourite mascara ever and sadly my beloved mascara has completely dried up :(  so now i have go any but a new one even though i have loads of others to use i just don't want them I'm having serious withdrawal symptoms from a mascara yes a little crazy i know but  the effect it has on my lashes is addictive and i need more.



  1. It sounds like a really good mascara! Great Review.


  2. Sounds as if it's a good mascara:)
    Good review.