Saturday, 7 April 2012

St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub - Fresh Skin

St Ives Apricot Invigorating Scrub 150ML

A couple of weeks ago i read MissBudgetBeauty's review on this then while i was checking a freebie site i saw an add giving free samples of the stuff away so i sent them my details on the request form then about a week later it arrived in the post, now when they said sample size i assumed it would come in a sachet but i was pleasantly surprised when i opened it and there was a 30ml tube in side i think they may have some samples left to give away all the details are here.

I haven't used St Ives products in a long time and this fresh skin invigorating apricot scrub looked quite interesting. I used it the day i got it and i love the scent its soooo nice and the fact its got so much 'scrub' in it ,my skin felt so clean it took every single bit of make up off my skin. At the moment it's on offer in Superdrug for £1.97 and that's for a 150ml tube the normal price is £4.38 which in my opinion is still good value for money you can buy it on offer here.

I'm going to go buy the full size product and have a look at what other products they have as i'm really liking the scrub.

Have you tried and St Ives products recently,
 if you have what would you recommend.


Friday, 6 April 2012

£1 Bargain's

I have been shopping again and found a few £1 bargains which I'm pretty pleased about so here is what i got and a little about each product:

Collection 2000 Naturally Radiant liquid foundation in vanilla

 Skin smoothing foundation that hydrates and evens out skin tone for natural radiance. It's a light to medium coverage SPF 15 and oil free.
I found this in the poundland, I love having a rummage through the make-up products there and i was surprised to find that they actually had my shade.

Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Nail Polish in shade 22 'Kiss n Tell'

This came in a packet with the product below its a lovely hot pink and on the bottle it says it has up to 10 days wear and it's high gloss and chip resistant

Collection 2000 Love Your Lips in shade 6 'Adore'

I was quite pleased when i saw this with the nail polish its a natural peachy/pink colour and it was £1 for both products together what a BARGAIN, it says it's a moisturising, non-sticky lipgloss which helps protect and care for lips. Contains anit-oxidants, rose hips & mango extract to soothe and hydrate SPF 20.

Pretty:Perfect Eye Roll On Concealer light tint with citrus

The only reason i got this is because I've been looking at the version from garnier. I don't think it will be as good but for £1 I'm not expecting miracles and i haven't tried the garnier version so i cannot compare them, This is from poundland.

Pink Tease Sparkle Eye Shadow

I love shimmery eye shadows and this one is gold and a darker gold/bronze i have swatched them and they seem quite pigmented for poundland.

Asda Young Skin Eye Make Up Remover

This is from asda and again it was £1 i tried this last night and it really stung my eye's so I'm not impressed with this, it took of my foundation OK but i wont be using it on my eye's again.

They also had some Wet 'n' Wild stuff in but none of the shades were colours i would wear.

Just one last thing i have been using the Ginvera BB Cream and its brilliant so there will be a review on that soooon :)



Thursday, 5 April 2012

TAG: Get To Know Me '21 Questions'

This is my 'get to know me' tag

There are 21 questions so here goes

How old are you?

I'm 24

What is your middle name?

My middle name is Allarna

What nationality are you?


What do you do for a living?

I'm a Full Time Mummy

If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

I would love to visit the northern lights or go to Egypt

What is your favourite place to shop for clothing?

I love Select i love how their trousers fit and there pretty cheap too, Primark is also a firm fave just because you can get just about anything in there

What shoe size are you?

I'm a 5.5 or 6

How tall are you?

I'm 5'5

What is your favourite colour?


Have you got any siblings?

Yes i have 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister

Do you have any pets?

Yes i have 2 cats (1 of them is pregnant) and 1 dog

Do you have any children?

I have 2 beautiful children a 4 year old girl and a 2 year old boy

Favourite make up brand?

I love MUA, their products are so affordable and such good quality.

What do you do in your free time?

I don't really have that much free time but when i do it's usually when the kids are in bed so me and my boyfriend like to watch DVDs and sometimes get a takeaway.

Do you leave the house without make up?

Yes on a morning doing the school run then I'm usually too busy to put any on so i  put it on when i get back.

Favourite season?

Winter because i love Christmas and its my birthday in December lol

Do you still live with your parents?

No i moved out when i was 18 and moved in with my boyfriend

Whats your favourite movie?

I don't have 1 particular favourite but i like scary/thrillers with twists in, i hate films like scream they are so predictable

Favourite food?

Roast Beef with all the trimmings or Macaroni Cheese

Tent or Hotel?

Hotel, i really don't like insects or spiders and if i slept in a tent i would not be able to sleep thinking about all the creepy crawlies

favourite youtube channel?

I  don't have 1 favourite I love MissBudgetBeauty and iclelivzi. I have just discovered GossMakeUpArtist and he is brilliant.

So there you go my 'Get To Know Me' tag and i tag all my readers/subscribers to do one and leave their links in the comments box below


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

First Look At Latest In Beauty Little Beauty Box

This is my first beauty box it's from latest in beauty and it costs just £1.50, you choose the 3 samples from the selection they have for that month and they send them in a lovely little pink box.

So here's what i got

So L-R 

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream
Floris London Eau De Parfum Sirena
Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy

So here's a little about them and what it says on the packaging

Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream

So this is SPF 30/PA++ I chose this because i love to try out new bb creams it's a 3 g sachet.

 Here's what it says on the packet:

Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream provides the benefits of blemish free concealing, sun block effects. It moisturises and helps to reduce fine lines, providing a long lasting smooth and ultra light feel to nourish and perfect your skin. This is around £15-£17 to buy full size

Floris Sirena Eau De Parfum

Now i love getting perfume samples and this one is lovely is smells nice and summery, its a 2ml vile so there is plenty in there.

  It doesn't say that much on the card it just tells you to go to their website so i did and let me tell you i was so shocked to find out how much the full size product was i mean it smells nice but not that nice for a 100ml bottle its £99.00, yes it's a big bottle but i would not in a million years spend that much on perfume. Think in going to stick with the sample size haha.

Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy

This is a skin Resurfacing cream it claims to dramatically smooth the appearance of acne scaring, wrinkles and the visible signs of skin aging i don't know what to make of this, the packaging looks very clinical so i am going to have to test it and see what i think.

Head over to the Latest In Beauty site they have lots of different things like build  your own beauty box and themed boxes


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What Would You Like To Read?

I want to do a post on what my readers/subscribers would like to read so just let me know it could be reviewing a product you have previously seen on my blog or a post about me and what i have done in my life its entirely up to you

so leave a comment and let me know what you would like to see


What's In My Make Up Bag - Part 2 'EYES'

Welcome Ladies to part 2 of 'what's in my make up bag'. It's this weeks blog hop at bloglovetherapy today I'm going through all my eye products first up will be Eyeshadows followed by Mascaras and Liners so sit back and enjoy.

To start here is everything i use eyeshadow wise L-R:

Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet
MUA Heaven and Earth Pallet
Lancome Pallet in Coffret
MUA Triple Eyeshadow in Chocolate Box
MUA Triple Eyeshadow in Pink Sorbet
17 Single Eyeshadow in Chalice
17 Single Eyeshadow in Viva Diva
17 Dazzle dust in Big Smoke
Avon Pigment in Silver
Asda iphone Pallet
MUA Brow Pencil in Brunette
Avon Double Ended eyeshadow stick in Gold and Bronze
Avon Colourworks Cream Eyeshadow and Liner in Mesmerise

It may seem like allot but I'm always mixing it up  i would use a colour from the Naked 2 pallet and another couple from Heaven and Earth i do this so i get full use out off all my favourite eyeshadows.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet
I love this pallet my bf bought it for me for valentines day and i use it all the time my favourite colours are: Half Baked, Booty Call, Chopper and YKD. I love shimmer and glitter and in my opinion you can never have too much on your eyes.
MUA Heaven and Earth Pallet
I have loved this pallet since the day i got it as you can see some of the shades have hit pan. The quality and pigmentation is excellent for a £4 product if you don't have this i really recommend you go buy it :)

Lancome pallet

I got this a long time ago the 2 shades that have been used up were a peach and a light pink, i only use the chocolate brown colour now and sometimes the blushes but the powder is so silky smooth i love it.
MUA - Pink Sorbet and Chocolate Box
Again these are shimmery eyeshadows the lightest pink i use as a highlighter and the darkest pink/purple is gorgeous it's like a deep mauve/plum and i don't realy use the dark browns that much but i love the Orange/Gold shade and they are all so pigmented.

Singles Avon pigment silver 17 Big Smoke, Viva Diva and Chalice.

I'm very much a neutral tone girl but every so often i like to use colour and my fave to use it teal and the gold/bronze is one of my favourite these are 17 single eyeshadows and are shimmery again and very pigmented.
The 17  Dazzle Dust is a lovely smokey grey and i usually pair this with the Avon silver pigment.

Asda iphone Pallet

I got this at Christmas when Asda had all their gift sets in i think it was £3 i only use 1 colour in this pallet which is the brown on the left 2nd row across 2nd row down and i use this on my eyebrows. I have swatched all the shades and they are all really nice but i don't really use colour that much but next time i do i might give these a try.

The last 3

MUA brow pencil - I use this really lightly just to add a bit more definition to the arch of my brow it was only £1
Avon eyeshadow stick - To be honest i have no idea why this is still in my make up bag i haven't used it in ages just forgotten to put it away lol
Avon cream eyeshadow and liner - The liner on this is such a lovely bronze chocolate colour and the cream is a paler mushroom brown

Well that's the eyeshadows now for the Mascaras and Eyeliners

Top to bottom
Avon Super Shock mascara
Collection 2000 Big Fake False Lash Effect
Maybeline One By One mascara
Asda/George Lash Xtend
Front Cover Double Ended black and clear
maybeline express eyeliner in black
Avon Smokey Eyes Eyeliner in grey/silver

So i will start from the top:
Avon Super Shock used to be my all time favourite mascara its brilliant.

Collection 2000 Big Fake  Yes it is a big FAKE, its rubbish the brush doesn't hold enough product so it seems really dry and have to apply 10 coats to actually see that you have mascara on it is such a let down for me.

Maybeline One by One This is the best mascara i have used whenever i try something new i always come back to this its amazing!!

Asda/George Lash Xtend  This is really wet but i don't actually use the applicator that comes with it i use the brush from the Super Shock and together they work really well.

Front cover Double Ended I got this in a Front Cover Set and i don't use the black mascara, i use the clear on my brows just to set the power/pencil
Maybeline Express Eyeliner I love this eyeliner it doesn't make my eyes water like so many others do and its really black.
Avon Smokey Eyes  I don't use this eyeliner anymore i use the sponge on the other end for smudging the eyeliner i put under my eye's
So there you go all my eye products next up will be part 3 BRUSHES

If you want me to do any additional reviews/swatches on any of these products please comment and let me know

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Monday, 2 April 2012

**LUSH GIVEAWAY** REMINDER From Emily at Describing Beauty

Hey ladies don't forget to enter Emily at Describing Beauty's giveaway shes got loads of lush products up for grabs you can enter HERE

you have until the 30th April to enter

Also subscribe to her blog shes lovely


(Image from that wonderful place called Google)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

What's In My Make Up Bag - Part 1 'FACE'

I love reading post's and watching youtube videos of 'Whats In My Bag' and 'Room Tour' maybe it's because i loooove seeing what other people have got, how they store things, what they like to use daily etc... Also its bloglovetherapy weekly blog hop.
So i thought i would do a What's In My Make Up Bag post this it just the stuff i use most often.
(be warned it's gonna be a long one and there are quite a few pictures)

To start here is my make up bag

 I got it a couple of years ago full of soap and glory goodies, now what's inside

I'm going to do a post for each category so first up is:


So L-R
17 Miracle Matt Foundation - Porcelain
Collection 2000 Perfect Finish Foundation - Vanilla
17 Pressed Powder - Nicely Natural
Avon Bronzer - Shimmering Bronze
Eye Primers I Made
Soap And Glory Kick Ass Concealer - Light
Cheap version of bourjois blush (no idea of the make)
MUA blush - Shade 1
Avon Highlighter that looks like a lipstick

Top: Collection 2000 Perfect Finish
Bottom: 17 Miracle Matt
I have just bought the collection 2000 foundation in the shade vanilla, it's a little dark for my skin even though it's the lightest they do but i really like it and my stippling brush work's brilliant with it i think it's because the product is thinner than the 17 one it's wearable if i blend it really well and feels like i don't even have it on. 17 Miracle Matt is a perfect match for me it's in the shade porcelain  but with the weather getting warmer i found it was a bit too heavy which is sad because i love this sooooo much.
17 Pressed Powder
This is my favourite powder and i only need a light dusting of it, i got in shade nicely natural. Previously i was using an Avon one then a while ago 17 had a 3 for 2 offer on so i picked it up and i love it, i hate it when a powder gives you that cakey/powdery look but this seems to just disappear into my skin.
Avon Bronzer
This is the only bronzer i have ever used as I'm so pale i apply the smallest amount of product so this has lasted me forever
Eyeshadow Primers
I made these using Soap and Glory Righteous Butter and MUA foundation
Left: I made this one the other day as i wanted to try a different ratio out it it half of each product.
Right: This is the one i use everyday the ratio is 3/4 S&G and 1/4 MUA.
They work just as well as the more expensive brands but for a fraction of the price.
Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer
I love this concealer it is the best one i have tried so far i have yet to try the collection 2000 one but will deffo be getting it when i find my shade in stock.
It has 2 shades a lighter softer 1 on the left which is for under eye dark patches and the slightly darker harder 1 on the right which is for blemishes then you can flip the mirror down and there is a setting powder.

Cheap version of bourjois

This is a lovely medium pink, i got this from a market stall while i was at collage yes that was a long time ago but i can't seem to give it up i love it too much. It came domed but that has long gone.

MUA Blusher in shade 1

I got this to replace the 1 above, it's a really nice colour and so pigmented it's a lighter pink than the other one and yes i accidentally took a chunk out of it Oooops. I have been using this nearly every day since i got it and it may possibly have taken top spot over in my blusher collection.

Avon highlighter

I use this to highlight under my brow, it has a really nice gold shimmer to it, i don't use this all the time as i tend to switch up the products i use to highlight quite allot, again i got this some time ago so have no idea if they still stock it.

Well that's it for the FACE part of my make up bag

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The next category will be EYES