About Me

I've wrote a little about me on the main page but i just thought i would add a little more here.
I'm 26 i live in Leeds and absolutely love being a Northerner i have two wonderful children and i love bargain hunting ALLOT and with two children i don't have allot of money to spend on me so when i do go shopping i like to get the most out of the money i do have.
I had no idea about the beauty blogging world and youtube until the middle of last year when i came across MissBudgetBeauty while i was looking for a video on colour b4 i found one of hers and as shes from Yorkshire too i trusted her opinions on the stuff she was reviewing and since then blogs and youtube have become an addiction of mine, i love to watch youtube videos i don't think I'm going to start doing my own but i have found i really like to blog, I'm not a brilliant writer i just do it how i want it and hopefully others will like it too.

If you have any questions for me please ask
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