Friday, 18 May 2012

Pink Lips & HOTD

 I love this baby pink lipstick it's from Primark and it was £1 there is no colour name or number on the packaging its just a simple matt baby pink .

The packaging is cute and the colour is pretty it doesn't last that long so a reapplication is needed quite a few times throughout the day.

Compared to the MUA lipsticks the quality isn't that great only because MUA lipsticks for me have excellent staying power but its a really nice lipstick for Primark.

I thought i would also throw in a quick HOTD picture as well I have just tied it up into a simple bun and clipped the front back. I very rarely have my hair down not because i don't like it, it's just not practical for me as i'm chasing after my little boy all day and with it down it tends to make me really hot so i just tie it up.

My cat had her kittens last week and this is my my fave he's so cute so i just wanted to share a picture of him with you :)


Percy & Reed Hair Totally TLC Hydrating Hair mask

This came free with April's issue of glamour you could choose out of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and the last one was a blow dry cream, the mask is 100ml.
I chose this one because I love hair masks so thought I would try it out. The packaging is simple but cute i love the little picture of the woman at the side. The smell is sooooo nice I can't even describe it to you it's one of them smells that stays on your hair once it's dried and you just get wafts of it all day.
This retails at £11 which for 100ml or £20 for 175ml is a bit pricey for me to repurchase i did love the product but i don't really want to spend that much money on a hair mask which i can only get 4 uses out of, i own plenty of intensive conditioners that do she same job the only thing that's missing from them is the smell but i don't think i can really justify buying it again just for the smell.

On the tube it says:

'Need a rescue remedy? This deep, indulgent treatment helps restore your hairs vitality making it soft and manageable'

Now it did leave my hair feeling super soft and nourished and if it was cheaper or on offer i would definitely buy it but i would not spent that much money on it full price.

have a look on their website for a list of stockists.

Have you tried anything from Percy and Reed let me know what you thought and if you will be repurchasing.