Friday, 18 May 2012

Pink Lips & HOTD

 I love this baby pink lipstick it's from Primark and it was £1 there is no colour name or number on the packaging its just a simple matt baby pink .

The packaging is cute and the colour is pretty it doesn't last that long so a reapplication is needed quite a few times throughout the day.

Compared to the MUA lipsticks the quality isn't that great only because MUA lipsticks for me have excellent staying power but its a really nice lipstick for Primark.

I thought i would also throw in a quick HOTD picture as well I have just tied it up into a simple bun and clipped the front back. I very rarely have my hair down not because i don't like it, it's just not practical for me as i'm chasing after my little boy all day and with it down it tends to make me really hot so i just tie it up.

My cat had her kittens last week and this is my my fave he's so cute so i just wanted to share a picture of him with you :)



  1. Omg how cute are your kittens!! Your hair looks lovely too <3 xx

  2. There gorgeous I Carnt stop stroking them

  3. Aww the kittens are adorable. Love the pink lipstick it looks amazing on you.

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