Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sunshine Award

I have been given this award by Emily from describingbeauty her blog is one of my favourites you should go and have a look xx


1) Each tagged person must post seven to ten things about themselves.
2)You have to choose and tag 7 people.
3) Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them

Emily chose to do 10 facts that make her happy and i'm going to do the same as it is the Sunshine Award :)
10 Things That Make Me Happy
My children
Make Up
Watching Disney Films
My Bed
Nice Freshly Washed Hair
Bubble Baths
My Pets - Honey(dog), Peppa(cat), Jessie(cat)
The Blogs I Award

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Whats In My Handbag

  I've just read natalievsbeauty whats in my bag post and the stuff she has in her bag is so similar to mine it made me chuckle so thought i would do one, i don't carry a large bag any more as i found the bigger the bag was inside the more rubbish i used to stuff in to it haha so this is the one i use everyday it's from primark i got it a couple of months ago and it was on reduced from £8 to £3 so i just had to snap it up.

So here's whats inside  

My purse which is also from primark and it was on sale for £1 i got this last year

MUA lipstick's in shade 14 bare, 15 juicy, 16 nectar I love these colours i think mua have changed the formula because these seem more glossy than the other lipstick i have from them.

Vaseline with coco butter i use this under my lipstick because my lips always feel dry/tight once the lipstick has worn off and this just helps them feel more moisturised.

Soap and Glory sexy mother pucker lipgloss i have no idea why this is still in here because i never use it, i like the colour but it's so sticky i hate it when your hair sticks to your lips it's so annoying

Collection 2000 lipgloss its is so nice it's not sticky and smells yummy

mini Urban Decay lip junkie in naked, i got this with my naked 2 pallet its a tad bit sticky but i love the smell

Boots dry lip and cold sore cream this is a just in case product you never know when you will get chapped lips and this sorts them out super quick

Morrisons dry hand cream, this is just like E45

A menu for a smoothie bar in the shopping centre near me

Receipt's for primark, Boots and tropical world

A hair bobble

A pencil????

and finally a napkin.

If you would like to know any more about any of the things i have in my bag just leave a comment and i will let you know


I Have Been Shopping

Hiya everyone sorry i haven't put a post up in nearly a week i have been really busy with the kids and house work etc..... but i'm back now so enjoy.

I'm back now and i have been shopping, in the end i went with my mum and I'm glad i did as my other half would have been super bored. I tried on nearly everything in primark and when the assistant only lets you take 6 items in the fitting room at a time it kinda takes FOREVER in the end i gave up and left the rest of the stuff i had, i felt so flustered i mean why do primark feel the need to put the heating on full in the fitting room i hate that place. In the end i just grabbed a few tops that looked OK.
oh and i didn't get anything of my little wish list i tried on the dresses but i have big boobies so they looked ridiculous lol .

So here are the tops that i got they are from primark.
Red bodycon £5      Orange vest £2.50

These were both £3
Pink top £4        Green Cami £2
I also got a few accessories and other bits so here they are

So left to right
6 pk of earings £2 primark
MUA matt eyeshadow in shade 16 £1 superdrug
Bracelets £1  primark
Banoffee pie Bath bomb £2.50 little stall can't remember their name
St Ives face scrub £1 30ml superdrug
Nail glue £2.35 superdrug
Pink clip in extension £1 primark (my daughters lol)

Sparkly ring £1 Primark

 Watch ring £4 primark

Collection 2000 concealer £4.19
(i finally caved in and bought it)

So there you go this was meant to be a big clothes shop and i hardly got anything clothes wise but i am happy with what i got i have a few posts to put up in the next couple of days, I'm not as busy now :)