Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I Have Been Shopping

Hiya everyone sorry i haven't put a post up in nearly a week i have been really busy with the kids and house work etc..... but i'm back now so enjoy.

I'm back now and i have been shopping, in the end i went with my mum and I'm glad i did as my other half would have been super bored. I tried on nearly everything in primark and when the assistant only lets you take 6 items in the fitting room at a time it kinda takes FOREVER in the end i gave up and left the rest of the stuff i had, i felt so flustered i mean why do primark feel the need to put the heating on full in the fitting room i hate that place. In the end i just grabbed a few tops that looked OK.
oh and i didn't get anything of my little wish list i tried on the dresses but i have big boobies so they looked ridiculous lol .

So here are the tops that i got they are from primark.
Red bodycon £5      Orange vest £2.50

These were both £3
Pink top £4        Green Cami £2
I also got a few accessories and other bits so here they are

So left to right
6 pk of earings £2 primark
MUA matt eyeshadow in shade 16 £1 superdrug
Bracelets £1  primark
Banoffee pie Bath bomb £2.50 little stall can't remember their name
St Ives face scrub £1 30ml superdrug
Nail glue £2.35 superdrug
Pink clip in extension £1 primark (my daughters lol)

Sparkly ring £1 Primark

 Watch ring £4 primark

Collection 2000 concealer £4.19
(i finally caved in and bought it)

So there you go this was meant to be a big clothes shop and i hardly got anything clothes wise but i am happy with what i got i have a few posts to put up in the next couple of days, I'm not as busy now :)



  1. i boughtg the collection 200 concelear recently! i had heard so much about it and had to buy it! really liking it too! great blog btw :) x

    1. hi thank you and yes i realy like it, i think im going to get it in another shade aswell for when summer decides to arrive and i hopefully get a tan