Saturday, 10 March 2012

My Soap And Glory experience

 I have been in love with Soap and Glory for quite some time my first 'experience' was 3 years ago when i got bought a gift set at Christmas
This is the first set i had

Inside the case were all travel sized products which were :
Clean on me (shower gel),
Calm one Calm all (bubble bath),
The Righteous butter (body butter),
Flake away (body scrub),
Flirtingo (moisturising spray)

Straight away the smell got me hooked its sweet and girly everything i like i loved everything apart from flake away as it seemed to leave a film on my skin. Then i kind of forgot about Soap & Glory for a while until one Christmas they had the large hat box on offer, i tried to get one and everywhere had sold out so yet again i had forgotten about S&G then it came to Christmas 2011 and i managed to get hold of the big splendour set.

 I was so excited to get it home and open it, all the products were full size which i loved and when i had a bath that night i used EVERYTHING the product that really stood out for me was Pulp Friction (foaming body scrub), this didn't have the same scent as the others it was fruity and refreshing and most of all it had so much of the 'scrub' crammed into it, it really made my skin feel clean and so soft the only tiny down side to it was that all the bits sunk to the bottom of the bath so it was a bit of a pain to rinse it all down the plug every night but as the product is so great i couldn't resist using it all the time so i kind of got used to cleaning all the bits out it was definitely worth it.

So now I'm going to try and buy something new from them as often as i can to build my collection.
Whats your best and worse product from S&G?
please comment and let me know


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash & Facial Scrub

Tea tree Foaming Face Wash

I baught this last week from poundland now some of you may be thinking it's not a major brand so it's rubish but let me tell you that it's AMAZING!!!! previously i was using clean and clear ultra overnight wash which made my skin so dry so i was on the look out for a cheap cleanser that works and i think i have found the right one for me and at £1 you carnt go wrong.
It leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean, i dont get dry patches with it or it dosent make me oily and it has a lovley fresh smell to it but as some of you may know with poundland they dont continously stock the same products so I'm going to go get another when i get chance.

Tea Tree Facial Scrub

This 'scrub' doesn't feel like any other i have tried it's not foaming it feels like a moisturiser with tiny exfoliating balls in so when i first used it i was a little surprised. When applying the scrub after feeling the texture i automatically went to rub it in like a moisturiser it seemed odd to rinse it off but i did and is left my skin feeling lovely and again like the foam it didn't dry out my skin or leave it oily.
This one smells slightly different it has a limeish scent to it but overall definitely worth £1.

I think everyone should go to their nearest poundland and see what bargains they can find
Have you found anything interesting in a poundland recently??
 please comment and let me know
bye bye blogorinos
Pink Porcelain

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Eyebrows Love/Hate ??

Eyebrows we all have them and yet everyone likes theirs a certain way some just leave theirs natural and others go all out and shave them off to re-draw them back on me i love a good eyebrow i sometimes get brow jealousy.

This is my brow pre make up the shape is allot better than it used to be.

I like mine to be perfectly shaped and just the right colour........... this isn't aways the case you see, my eyebrows are really light, sparse and odd no matter how much i try and let them get thicker and more even it never happens so i just use powder to fill them in sometimes i may use a pencil but only very lightly but I'm never happy with them i often look in the mirror while I'm out and realise i have made them waaayyyyy too dark Oooops! 

I love the shape of Kim Kardashian's but there too dark and a tiny bit thick at the tail for me so I'm always on the look out for a new brow shadow i really want to try the elf one but they are always out of stock so at the moment I'm using a pale brown from the MUA heaven and earth pallet  which is £4 form superdrug Buy Here or i use my naked 2 pallet which is £36 Buy Here i use the colour tease but as this is quite light i tend to lightly go over it with a brow pencil i use the MUA brow pencil in brown which is £1 from superdrug.

If you know of any products that i can try please comment and let me know
and also whats your fave brow product

until next time
XxX Pink Porcelain XxX