Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Eyebrows Love/Hate ??

Eyebrows we all have them and yet everyone likes theirs a certain way some just leave theirs natural and others go all out and shave them off to re-draw them back on me i love a good eyebrow i sometimes get brow jealousy.

This is my brow pre make up the shape is allot better than it used to be.

I like mine to be perfectly shaped and just the right colour........... this isn't aways the case you see, my eyebrows are really light, sparse and odd no matter how much i try and let them get thicker and more even it never happens so i just use powder to fill them in sometimes i may use a pencil but only very lightly but I'm never happy with them i often look in the mirror while I'm out and realise i have made them waaayyyyy too dark Oooops! 

I love the shape of Kim Kardashian's but there too dark and a tiny bit thick at the tail for me so I'm always on the look out for a new brow shadow i really want to try the elf one but they are always out of stock so at the moment I'm using a pale brown from the MUA heaven and earth pallet  which is £4 form superdrug Buy Here or i use my naked 2 pallet which is £36 Buy Here i use the colour tease but as this is quite light i tend to lightly go over it with a brow pencil i use the MUA brow pencil in brown which is £1 from superdrug.

If you know of any products that i can try please comment and let me know
and also whats your fave brow product

until next time
XxX Pink Porcelain XxX 

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