Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer

I hate buying concelers because i can never find one that i like or that covers my dark circles well enough so when i read missbudgetbeauty's review on it i was very intrested in the fact that it had two different shades and a powder with it so i decided to go and buy it.

When i first saw it i thaught it was a little bit small but hey good things come in small packages ;)
So as soon as i had got home i tested it under my eyes and to say how dark the colours look in the pallet they blend into my light skin realy well and the powder is realy nice aswell i used it the other day allover my face after my foundation and it's a perfect match (yes i know the powder is super light but so am i)


So i think i may have found a concealer that works for me thank you missbudgetbeauty for reviewing it otherwise i would never knew it exsisted.
You can buy it here for £10.00

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