Monday, 27 February 2012

17 Miracle Matt foundation V MUA Matt foundation

I have very pale skin and i always struggle to find a perfect match foundation which has to be matt (i can get a lil shiny). Im reviewing two i have found that are  really cheap and affordable first up is:
             MUA Matt foundation 30ml

This is the cheapest of the two at only £2 form superdrug buy here it's available in 4 shades the one i got was shade 1 soft sand which is the lightest but i found it a little 'orange'  for my pasty skin.
I found it realy thick and difficult to blend which im sure if i add a little moisturiser will make it thiner and slightly lighter but i havent tried it out yet, it also stuck to a few little dry patches i had around my chin which is not a good look with it being to dark for my skin tone. The one thing i have used it for is i made my own eye primer and it's perfect for that.

             Top: 17 Miracle Matt
        Bottom: MUA Matt

So as you can see in the picture the Mua is quite dark for me so now on to the next which is:

17 Miracle Matt foundation 30ml

This is the more expensive (if you can call it that) it is  £5.99 form boots buy here its available in 6 shades i got porcelain this foundation offers a matt satin flawless finish and they are not lying it is brilliant it matches my skin tone perfectly and blends realy well, it has a more pinky tone than the MUA so it dosent leave me looking like an oompa loompa i can put this on in a dark room and not worry about aplying to much and looking silly and as it says on the bottle its a miracle matt foundation it covers any blemishes dosent stick to any dry patches overall it's a brilliant foundation for the price i am defiantly going to buy it again once it's run out :)

top: 17 Miracle Matt
bottom: MUA Matt

       17 Miracle Matt foundation win's for me how about you what's your favourite foundation??

Thank you for reading please comment (it's my first blog post ever) i would love some feedback

Pink Porcelain

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