Thursday, 12 April 2012

Collection 2000 Big Fake False Lash Mascara

Now i love long lashes and if i can make them look longer i will, so when i went
into boots the other week and saw this i thought it looked quite good so i bought it.

When i got half way home i was checking out all the things i had just bought then i opened this mascara to find it had a big crack down the side, it had all dried up and the brush was all stuck together so i had 20 mins to rush back down there and change it then get to school to pick my daughter up, They let me change it so i checked the other one i picked up it had no cracks and the brush looked fine so i swapped it i was frantic at this point that i was going to get to school late ....... i made it in time just.

As soon as i got home i started inspecting this mascara the first thing i noticed was the actual mascara formula was really dry now i don't know if i got another bad one or this is how its meant to be i did a little bit of research 'via google' and found that quite a few people thought theirs was too dry as well and others loved theirs now im confused and pissed off so i thought i would wait until i had actually used it to see if it was rubbish or not.

Morning comes and i'm really not that excited at all about using this mascara and surprise surprise it's that dry i can not actually see any product on my lashes at all and not forgetting to mention the brush, on the website they say it's the biggest brush they have done and there not joking its MASSIVE which in my opinion bigger is not always better.

So i haven't technically worn this mascara it was too dried up for me to even get one coat out of it.

I'm really not impressed with collection 2000 and i usually love their products it has been such a let down trying to use this mascara.


Picture from collection 2000 website

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream

I got a sample of this in my latest in beauty box, i have only ever tried the Garnier BB Cream and i really didn't like it the lightest shade was too dark for me and i looked Orange, So when i saw this i really wanted to try it i had never heard of the brand before so was quite excited to receive it.

The day i got it i used it, the first thing i noticed was the smell it's really nice and fresh then when i put some on the back of my hand it was quite runny and looked too dark for me but i still applied it as it says on the packet its suitable for all skin tones.

I used my Real Techniques stippling brush to apply this to my face and it's like magic it's like it adapted to my skin tone and blended in really well i did not look like i had being rolling in wotsit dust i was really pleased with the finish it covered what it needed to without looking cakey, it looked really natural then i had a dilemma..... what if it dries out in the sachet then i had an idea i squeezed all of the product into a little 5ml pot i had spare.

'please excuse my nails i'm having a break from the falsies'

Yey it filled the whole pot and now i can use it until it runs out not dries up and honestly you only need the smallest amount of product to cover your face.

I think i'm going to have to buy the full size product when this run's out, It's a little bit pricey for me at £18.00 inc p+p from ebay so if any of my lovely subscribers/readers know where i can find it cheaper PLEASE comment and let me know.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

NOTD 'a mermaids tail'

I love these nail polishes soooo much they are from Asda and i think the metallic is £1.75 and the 3D glitter is £2.75 which to me are so cheap, as soon as i saw these colours they reminded me of a mermaids tail, when i was little i loved the film The Little Mermaid and these colours just brought all my memories back. 

The 3D glitter is called Aquarium and the metallic is called Under The Sea

The glitter needed 2 coats to get an even amount of glitter on my nails.


Monday, 9 April 2012

Whats In My Make Up Bag - Part 3 'BRUSHES'

I don't own tonnes of brushes the ones i have i use all the time so here are all my brushes

Now i will go through them all individually top to bottom and tell you what i use them for.
Big Powder Brush: I use this to apply face powder and also to blend out my blusher/bronzer.It's a bit tatty I've had it for ages and love it but i really need a new powder brush so if you have any recommendation's for me just leave a comment.
Medium Powder Brush:I use this for blusher its from a Front cover set i got my self for xmas last year.
Small Domed Powder Brush: I use this for contouring as it's tapered so it works really well for me
Real Techniques Stippling Brush: I now LOVE this brush when i first started using it i didn't quite know what i was doing but now after some practice i really recommend this brush for foundation application, I want to try their buffing brush too to compare them.

Small Flat Brush: This is what i use for my eyebrows it's really flat so it's really precise for fine lines.
Small Domed Brush: This is the main eyeshadow brush i use for applying lighter colours to my lid.
Medium Fluffy Brush: I use this to apply the darker colours to the outer part of my lid.
Blending Brush: Well the name explains what i use it for i tend to switch between this and the urban decay blending bush.
Medium Flat Brush: This is originally an eyeshadow brush but i use it for concealer.
Urban Decay Double Ended Brush: This is the brush i got with my naked 2 pallet i don't really use the flatter side as it doesn't really pick up eyeshadow but u realy like the fluffy blending side.
Retractable Lip Brush: I only use this sometimes im not really a fan of lip brushes.
Large Flat Brush: this is my highlighting brush for my cheek's it used to be my blusher brush but i found it was too small for blusher.
Medium Fluffy Brush:  This is just a spare eyeshadow brush it's there just in case one of my others is being washed.
Eyebrow Brush: this is what i just use to comb my eyebrows before filling them in.
Well this is the brushes section of 'Whats in my make up bag' post's 
Hope you enjoyed reading all 3 parts i'm not doing a 'whats in my make up bag' lips post as i don't keep my lipsticks in my make up bag i keep them in my handbag so i might do a little handbag post.
Have you done a make up bag post if so leave me a link in the comments box i would love to read them all

Blog Love Therapy's Blog Hop Event

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