Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Corn Silk loose Translucent Powder original satin

Hiya lovelies,

When I went to the benefit event last week a got talking to a lovely lady called Sarah from slstevo and she recommended a face powder called corn silk now I haven't heard of this before and she explained that you can get in boots and it's placed with the skincare not make up so when I went to boots and had a look i found it where she said it would be there was a pressed powder and a loose one i chose the loose one now it's a little bit pricey at £8.17 but it sounded like just the thing I was after.
The packaging it a little bit old ladyish but it's simple when you open it up it has a face puff for application and a filter like most loose powders have it is slightly scented and it smells really familiar and I carnt put my finger on where I have smelled it before.

The product it's self doesn't contain talc it contains mica and crushed walnut shell powder, it's a very light beige colour and once applied its translucent. On the box it says ' Contains a unique, patented walnut ingredient to control shine for a longer lasting, fresh complexion it balances skin tone without clogging pores' it is suitable for all skin types and is Dermatologically tested

I have used this product for only 4 days and I love it, it is translucent and once applied it looks and feels invisible I use a powder brush to apply and it sets my make up wonderfully, I'm so glad that Sarah recommended this product I cannot thank her enough I LOVE it :)

Have you tried Corn Silk powders before comment and let me know what you think of them



  1. That seems like a really good powder! Ive never heard of corn silk before, so seen it in boots. I think i will have a look next time :P Has the powder broken you out at all, my skin is a nightmare atm, so I don't want to add fuel to the fire! xxx

    1. No it's realy light weight, my breakouts are almost gone and I haven't had any new ones so hopefully this is going to be a keeper :)


    2. Great! Im going to have a look for it :D Ive awarded you the Liebster Award too <3 xxx