Saturday, 16 June 2012

Vital eyes moisturising eye drops

For about 3 weeks my eyes have felt odd especially the right one it felt like there was something in it but I couldn't see anything and it was driving me crazy because it was watering all the time no matter what u did I just couldn't get rid of that feeling, it had got that bad I phoned the doctors but as usual they didn't have an app until next year so I had to try and sort it myself i started to think maybe its not some thing in it its just a little bit dry so i went in the hunt for some moisturising eye drops.

I picked these up in poundland, I hate putting things in my eyes It doesn't feel right putting wet stuff in them, a few years ago I tried the obtrex eye bath/wash thing and I chickened out I just couldn't open my eye in the liquid so I knew I was going to have to pluck up the courage to use these eye drops

I did manage to do it and it wasn't as bad as thought I must admit it took a couple of attempts to get the drops in haha.

I have used the drops about 4 times and Since using them my eyes feel like new, there's no more watering they feel really refreshed.

So I think that they were a little tired and irritated and the extra moisture that the drops gave were a massive help.


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  1. Ive heard good things about those eye drops

    Hope your eye is defnetly better :) Not bad for £1!

    Hope you check out my blog

    Gem x