Saturday, 26 May 2012

Blistex Lip Tone Tint and Shine

I have been wearing so much lipstick lately that my lips started to get dry and they were feeling tight so while i was out bargain hunting in Poundland i saw this there were 4 different ones i choose the lip tone one it is 4.25g of product packaged in a normal lip balm bullet with the standard twist up bottom  

What it says on the packaging: It is the caring formula and SPF 15. A moisturising formula with a hint of colour, combining Sweet Almond, Tea Tree & Sesame Seed Oil for natural and gorgeous lips.

Sweet Almond - conditions the skin
Tea Tree - sooths the lips
Sesame Seed Oil - penetrating conditioner

It has a slight hint of a rosy colour which is lovely and the smell is sweet with a hint of menthol and it makes your lips feel smooth and slightly cool but does not tingle and it had a slight sheen to it.

It has really helped my lips recover from the dryness and i have started applying this before my lipstick just as extra protection and i adore it. 

whats your favourite Blistex product?


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