Monday, 20 August 2012

Mascara Review : Week 2 : Maybeline The Falsies Volume Express

Hiya ladies well this is the second mascara review and this time it's Maybeline the falsies volume express.

This was just one of them impulse buys for me I just grabbed it and didn't realise it was waterproof until I got home I never usually buy waterproof mascara i have no idea why I keep clear of the stuff I just do

This mascara has a different brush to any other mascara I have used it Is curved and has flat short bristles on the top of the curve and longer bristles around the sides and on the tube it says use the flat side against your lashes and when you do this you can feel all the tiny bristles grab your lashes and comb through them which I LOVE.

Now hear are the pros and cons


I love the spoon brush
it gives good definition
Really easy to work with
Doesn't go clumpy


Doesn't seem to curl my lashes
Doesn't add any length
It's not black enough

When I use this mascara there seems to be something missing from my lashes and I just can not work out what it is.

This retails at £7.99 , the reviews I read after I bought this mascara really made me excited to use it but after the first use I was quite disappointed. When I use this mascara I team it up with another that gives length so I get the benefits from both products and the mascara I have found that works really well with this will be the next one I'm going to review so you will have to wait until next week to find out what it is :)



  1. I'm currently having a love/hate relationship with this mascara. Sometimes it can work amazing for me, then other times I just end up taking it all off my eyes and using something else!

    Terri xo

    1. I'm exactly the same some days it looks realy nice but others it looks a bit pants