Saturday, 24 March 2012

My April Wish-list

I always put a little list together in my head of things i want to get in the month ahead and even if i can only cross 2 of those things off i will be a happy bunny, sometimes i might add things to it or decide that something on there i no longer want so here are the things i want to purchase in the month of April.

So i will start left-right

MAC Studio Fix Fluid £19.50
Real Techniques Core Collection £21.99
Barry M Croc Effects £3.99
Soap & Glory Foam Call £6.50
MUA Pro Extreme Volume Mascara £2.00
Maybeline Falsies Flared Mascara £7.99
MUA Nail Polish Shade 6 £1.00
MUA BB All In One Beauty Balm £4.00

So there you have it my April wish list some of these things i really want to try like the MUA BB cream and the MAC studio fix fluid but I'm still trying to decide weather to spend that much money on foundation.
I will obviously be telling you all what i get around to picking up.

Have you done any reviews on these products if so please leave me a link in the comments box i would love to read them all



  1. Nice wishlist! I would definitely recommend the real techniques core collection. Absolutely worth the money, I use mine every day now. Croc nails effects is a lovely polish too. I post about it here if you're interested. :) Good luck with your list. x

    1. Thanks i will definitely hove a look at your post and yes i think the core colection is going to be the first one ticked off the list x

  2. Check out my Soap and Glory post, I recently got the Foam Call free in Boots when I spent over £10 on Soap and Glory :) Ive Followed too! I hope you follow me back ;P


    1. Thanks for following, yes i will have a look of course i will follow back x