Friday, 23 March 2012

£1 Bargains

Hi everyone, i have been on a bargain hunt again and got a few things that I'm really pleased with so here goes.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick

I'm so pleased i found in this poundland i had to do a fair bit of rummaging about among the hangers it came packaged in a cellophane bag. This is such a lovely spring/summer shade its in number 022 and its called nostalgia, it's a pink but has a tiny hint of coral.

Now when i got home i looked online for this colour to find the original rrp (i like to see how much i have saved) the only place i found it was on amazon from America so i guess it's a shade they brought out over there or it may have been one of last years UK colours which doesn't bother me as i love the colour i think i have worn it everyday since i bought it :)

MUA Nail Varnish

I got this from superdrug and i chose this colour because it matches the Rimmel lipstick and again its such a summery shade this is shade 4.

 MUA nail varnishes are in smaller bottles than many other nail polishes they are 6.2ml but they are the only ones i use up and re-purchase there so easy to apply it needs 2 coats but dried quickly which i love as i tend to get a bit fidgety waiting for my nails to dry and almost ALWAYS smudge them. They have so many shades to choose from and also have a quake (crackle) range out which also features glitter quakes which look lovely too.

Nivea Creme

Again a poundland find it's not much of a 'save' as it's about £1.40 normally but every penny counts nowadays. I use this allover my face after cleansing it is really thick and feels quite oily once applied which i was quite worried about but it hasn't yet broke me out and to be honest the few blemishes i had seem to clear up after the first use so I'm going to keep using it and see if it keeps the blemishes at bay.

That's it for my £1 bargains and i might make this a regular thing :)

Have you found any £1 bargains lately
please comment and let me know about what you've found


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