Monday, 26 March 2012

My Thaught's on Real Techniques Stippling Brush (help wanted)

OK so i have been using this brush over the past 6 days, i was so excited to get it home and try it, i used it with my normal foundation and a few others but every time i do use it i feel its left my face a bit cakey now i don't know weather i just need 'practice' using it to get the technique right or is it  the foundations i have been using I'm stuck.

I'm trying so hard to like this i will still keep using it even though I'm not 100% happy with the finish just so i can say i gave it a chance.

Have you got any tips on using this brush or have you done a youtube video i could watch
if so please leave the link in the comments for me i would really appreciate all the help i can get
thank you



  1. Hi lovely :) I did the review of the Soap & Glory body wash and tagged you in it, I hope you find it useful xx

  2. I brought this brush recently and iv only used it with bourjois healthy mix and a few cream blushes! I found it didn't give a Cakey finish! Try wetting the brush a bit and see if that helps!

    1. hiya thanks im curently going through a few foundations with it and i've realy changed my mind about it, i use it erytime i apply foundation my problem was that i have always used my fingers to apply my foundation i have never used a brush it just took a bit of time to get usedto it :)