Wednesday, 28 March 2012

FOTD simple spring look

There is nothing worse than the feeling that your make up is melting of your face with the heat so for the past couple of days i have been make up free, today i decide to apply minimal make up as it's going to be another scorcher so here's what i used.

Face: I used 17 Miracle Matt foundation i applied only a Little bit and used my real techniques stippling brush to blend it in then i used a touch of Soap and Glory's Kick Ass Concealer under my eyes, for my cheeks i used MUA blusher in shade 1 and again i only applied a small amount of this to my cheekbones and then finished off with a light dusting of 17's pressed powder.

Eyes: I used my homemade eye primer then used the naked 2 pallet the colours i applied are bootycall and chopper, on my lashes i used Maybeline one-by-one mascara.

Lips: Rimmel lasting finish in shade 022 nostalgia, i only applied 1 coat then a slick of Soap and Glory's sexy motherpucker lip gloss in shade candy gloss.

In winter i tend to use loads of foundation so I'm going from wearing tones of the stuff to hardly any at all which kinda makes me a little less confident than usual. My aim for this summer is to not really use any foundation at all (EEeeekkkk).

I'm not putting all the links for the places where to buy the products because I'm pretty sure you all know where most if not all of the stuff comes from :)  
(if you don't just leave a comment and i will let you know)



  1. Your lucky that you can get away with just wering a small amount of foundation and still look good :) Very natural looking you wouldn't think you had makeup on at all :)


    1. Thanks i look so different without make up on my skin tone is realy uneven and my eyelashes are realy light so look invisable without mascara, i think i'm going to do a post on before and after make up and why i started using it :)


  2. So pretty! I'm like a little bit in love with your eye brows haha!

  3. haha thanks i must admit i have to powder/draw them on my natural brows are so fine they are pretty much none exsistent lol