Friday, 16 March 2012

Maybeline Colour Sensational Lipstain

I have never used a lip stain before so i was quite excited to try it out, the packaging is nice all the different colours have co-ordinating lids and ends which i liked, the applicator is like a felt tip pen so its easy to apply, i got the colour tender rose which is a lovely pink, the first thing i noticed was the scent it smells like fruity berry's also colour is really nice and you can't feel it on your lips it is quite transparent but if you wait for it to dry then apply another coat it gets darker which i found really useful because you can use it lightly for a day look and apply it heavier if your going out.

Top: 1 Aplication
Bottom: 3 Aplications
The first day i had this on my lips after 20 mins i noticed  the downside to it, i looked in the mirror and 90% of it had come off the other 10% was stuck to a little dry patch i had, i worked out that it had come of when my lips got wet 'im a lip licker' so because you can't feel it on your lips once it dries you have no idea if its still there or not.

Overall I'm 50/50 on this lipstain the colour is really nice but for me to maintain the colour i would have to check and re-apply it every 15-20 mins which to be honest I'm not prepared to do, i haven't got time to be looking in the mirror every 15 mins worrying that it had come off and I've been walking around with patchy lips. I would buy this if it had more staying power but as its a newish product i don't think they will be changing the formula any time soon.
you can buy it for £5.99 here 

have you tried any lipstains from other brands and what did you think?
please leave comment and let me know :)

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