Friday, 16 March 2012

MUA lipstick

I'm not usually a lipstick sort of girl i tend to lean more towards glosses but recently i have been using this one i got form MUA in shade 11 and for £1 it's a bargain.

I'm going to start with the packaging its simple which i like and at the bottom there is a clear cap covering a little bit of the product so you can see exactly what colour it is without even opening so when they are being stored makes it easy to select the shade you want.
The colour i chose was shade 11 which is a reddish brown, its a lovely formula easy to apply it just glides on the lips, the finish depends on how you apply if you put on 1 coat it will be a Matt-ish finish but if you apply more coats it will appear slightly glossy and deeper.

I really like this lipstick and I'm going to buy a few more to add to my make up bag
and for £1 you can't really go wrong.
MUA products are available from superdrug here
or from their website here

Have you tried any MUA lipsticks whats your favourite shade
please comment and let me know
Pink Porcelain

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