Sunday, 15 April 2012

I Wanna Go Shopping

I am having serious withdrawal symptoms form clothes shopping, it's been ages (well feels like ages) since i splashed out on some new clothes and myself and the other half are going shopping either this week or next and it will be totally child free as all you mummy's out there know that a 2 1/2 year old doesn't like trailing around all the shops without having a Major tantrum or running off which can make things kinda difficult.

I have been looking online at things i want, i always window shop online before i go and buy the stuff in store just so i can see the different things different places have to offer there is nothing worse that buying a dress for £30 then spotting an identical one in another shop for half the price. These are just some of the things i have spotted to add to my spring/summer wardrobe and all of these things are from Select.

I love the dipped hem maxi dresses they are my favourite. I didn't put any accessories on there because the amount of things i like would fill up a whole page haha but if any of you want to know what items i like please leave a comment and ill do another post on them.

So keep an eye out for my haul post with in the next week and a half i love getting new clothes :)



  1. Cute choices:) xx

  2. hey hun thank you soooooooo much for my nomination :) i had to nominate you back as you are one of my top bloggers to follow :) thank you hun x!)

  3. Found your blog on blog hop :) Will be following & love the stripy maxi dress too, saw it in my local select and have been lusting after it since!

  4. thanks i tried it on and didnt like it, it looks do much better on the hanger lol


  5. Love them all especially the maxi dress