Saturday, 12 May 2012

FOTD Winged Eyeliner

Hiya every one this is just a quick FOTD post i very rarely wear eyeliner and today i decided to wear it and i thought i would share my FOTD with you.

I wont go into what foundation etc... im wearing as its all about the eyes today but if you would like to know just leave me a comment and i will do a separate post on it.

So eyeshadow i have got on is bootycall in the inner corner then it blends into pistol then into a tiny bit of blackout and i also used blackout as my eyeliner

My mascara is Avon supershock which is one of my favourites
and my lipstick is MUA in shade 16-nectar

Please excuse the invader on my chin :(

If you have an question's please leave me a comment

Thanks for reading



  1. That is such a beautiful look, really suits you :) Might have a go at it myself xx

  2. loving the eyes hun! look gawjusssss :) x eyeliner really suits you brings out your eyes x

  3. The winged eyelinear looks great. I never could get my wings to come out so well; I've been trying ever since forever :)

    1. I just follow the line from my lower lash upwards and then match it up with the top liner xx

  4. Looking lovely hun :) I never do a winged liner,I'm not really that good at it but must give it a try sometime :)


    1. Sometimes it takes me a couple of attempts to get it right that's why I hardly ever use eyeliner just Carnt be bothered with wiping it off and starting again lol