Friday, 13 July 2012

£1 Bargains - June/July

Hiya lovelies

I love the poundworld in the retail park near me it's only small but i have found some brilliant things in there so when we were pulling into the car park the other day I actually jumped out of my seat with excitement (yes sad I know) to find a poundLAND had opened up next door but 1 to poundWORLD.

In my head Im thinking 'is this how sad my life is, this is the happiest I have felt in a couple of weeks and all thanks to a a cheap shop ' and then I snapped out of it because there were lots of lovely bargains to be found.

So these are the bits I picked up are from both shops.

Allura make up sponges
Mark Hill holiday hair dry shampoo
Clearasil Ultra overnight serum
Chit Chat juicy lipstick in Damson
Revlon nail polish in 044 Blue Lagoon and 902 Craving Coral
Revlon nail polish 'matt suede' in 507 Fire Fox
Sinful Colors nail polish in 945 Soul Mate
W7 nail crackle in Sherbet Crackle

I have the Revlon craving coral on my nails today and i love it, it's really vibrant and this is what it looks like after 1 coat


  1. I love that they sell Revlon in poundland! Everytime we walk pass with my bf he always rolls his eyes cuz he knows Ill go in to pick up a colour haha xx

    1. Haha my bf is the same he has started waiting in the car for me now because I can be stood filtering through all the make up for ages lol and with 2 £1 shops practically next door to each other he will have to wait twice as long now