Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Avon Haul

Hiya everyone my Avon order came the other day and this is what i got

So I'll tell you a little about each product first up is

Naturals Conditioning Balm

This is a Almond Oil and Avocado conditioning balm for dry/damaged hair to put on your hair once towel dried i have only used this once and so far it's got the thumbs up.

Nailwear Pro and Mosaic Effects

Nailware Pro in Orange Creamsicle and Mosaic Effects in White, I've used both of these and love them both Avon nail varnishes are so easy to apply and the formula is lovely the mosaic effects does dry within seconds so you have to work quick but it leaves a decent amount of cracks on your nails, now the only problem i have with this is the name 'Mosaic Effects' it doesn't leave that effect its a shatter effect so when i bought it i thought it would be like the Barry m Croc Effects and its just a shatter polish but i still like it and it will get used.

Soft and Glow Airbrush Spray

This is a gradual tanner and I've used it about 3 times and love the colour it has given me and i don't usually like fake tan. It leaves a golden 'not orange' glow on your skin and dries instantly once applied there is no need to rub it in as it comes out as a mist the only thing I'm not happy with is the smell it leaves in the air it's like standing in a very small cupboard and spraying a can of hairspray it really hits the back of your throat so i would advise applying in a well ventilated room lol.

All of these products were £2.50 each they were on offer so I'm not sure what the full prices are you can order from an Avon Rep in your area or on their website HERE

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